Our Work

Construction and maintenance is a huge field and covers almost limitless number of areas. Hence, it is very difficult to find one authoritative source on this niche. You will get hundreds of websites on construction, from residential to commercial to industrial. Similarly, you will find websites that specialise in maintenance activities from something as simple as roof gutter cleaning to large scale renovation and internal and external maintenance of domestic or office blocks.

However, rarely will you find a site that includes both construction and maintenance topics in a language that is technical and exclusively for professionals as well as easy to understand for the humble homeowner. This is the gap that we at http://strawlinks.com/ seek to fill.

Our mission is to bring news, views, information and even trivia from the world of construction and maintenance. The construction industry is today going through a radical change what with regular introduction of advanced technologies and equipment. Buildings today have gone beyond being a place to stay or work in to architectural marvels. Most maintenance tools are also automated today and run on the Internet of Things, making upkeep of buildings that much easier. All this and more will be covered on our blog site for the benefit of our readers.

On our blog site http://strawlinks.com/ you will get regular updates about the latest developments in our niche area of construction and maintenance. We will bring you behind the scene activities in these fields as well as personal experiences from those who are wizards in building technology.

But we admit that our team here has its own limitations. The niche of construction includes many highly specialised dimensions from architects to designers, from builders to renovators and from arborists to landscape designers. Hence, if we have to offer our readers authoritative blogs and articles on the subject, it is absolutely necessary that we involve those with thorough and updated knowledge in this field.

To make this happen we invite guest bloggers who are passionate about this industry and would like to share their expertise with our readers. Contributors can be from any branch of construction and maintenance. Blogs can include technical side of construction and maintenance as well as topics that will appeal to the common man and the DIY types.

Our only stipulation is that all contributions should be unique and original and yet unpublished pieces. Writers are also welcome to include graphics to highlight specific points.

We look forward to receiving write-ups from dedicated bloggers. We will inform personally through email once they are published on our blog site.